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Defudger is a complex, three-layer detection tool for the verification of digital content. Our tool reveals forgery and falsification of images, videos and deepfakes with the highest accuracy of any detection tool.

Fake news on steroids


Forrester Research INC estimates that deepfakes will cost businesses over a quarter billion dollars in 2020.

Rapid development in computer science and the wide availability of  CPU/GPU power makes it easier than ever for hackers to forge images and videos and spread them on social media sites and online.

We provide a three-level detection and verification system powered by AI and blockchain.

Our Solution

We provide a three-level detection system that enables the detection  of forgeries in digital files.

Layer 1 - Digital Forensics

In the first step, through advanced image forensics, metadata analysis and reverse image search, Defudger analyzes the digital content. It comprises the evaluation metadata forgeries, inconsistencies and validation of the online history of the history of the digital file.

Layer 2 Artificial Intelligence

AI technology has reached the development level where even video material can be forged just like images in Photoshop. The only way to detect manipulations is through fighting AI with AI. With the deployment and constant training of our state-of-the-art machine learning and computer vision models we are able to detect even minor manipulations in digital content.

Layer 3 - Blockchain

Blockchain provides an immutable ledger that enables us to save valuable information and results of the analysed files. We build a database of content fingerprints and hash it on the Ethereum blockchain. This way IP rights and content sources can be verified and secured and with time we will have the largest verified database of fake and authentic content in the world.

Detection on-upload

Once the file is submitted for upload to a sharing platform, Defudger comes to action and analyzes the content. through our API integration.
If forgery is found, it is reported to the platform administrator and the video file is blacklisted and registered for further tracking. 

Contact us to learn more about our API or to book a time for testing our system.

Detection on-demand

Our software is available as a web based application that can be used for on-demand detection of forged and fake digital content. We recommend this solution to anyone working with digital content on a daily basis, such as journalists, news and media agencies and digital media publishers. 

A simple solutions that empowers you to believe your eyes and rule over what is real and what is forged.


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